Charrles Pinon / User rating prize
Name Charlles Pinon
Age 21
City Recife / Brasil
Curriculum vitae
I started working at Coca-Cola Co. as a Finance Trainee, then I went to a Finance Investment Group. Leaving the dark financial issues behind, I started working at a company that deals with high technology for mobile devices, Meantime Mobile Creations. Here I'm Marketing Analyst.
Business Administration, Universidade de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil
Graphic Design, CEFET - PE, Recife, Brazil
What are you doing right now?
I'm working a lot at Meantime, but in the free times I try (with some other design students) to develop a group of postmodern studies. We are focused on brazilian and mundial studies of Design, but raising our own concepts - mixing diverse theories together as maximalism and minimalism. Noise, destruction, reconstruction, visual-pollution and clean layouts designs, that's our issues of studies.
What is your understanding of designing?
Designing is undestanding the universe of whom you want to reach, is the high visual comprehension and sometimes the materialization of a world that is not properly of the creator. I like metaphors, so designing is some lack of ME to fill the empty space with THEM, the consumer mass. Actually we know that one designer's conception may vary from another's, we print our personal mark on the works, however a design project is not done to reach OUR conceptions but our public's SOUL.
What are criteria, that make a project interesting for you?
Esthetic, decisively. Depending on the concept of the idea, mesmerizing the consumer is the goal of a well built design project. It does not mean that projects must be expensive and complicated, but use concepts that can produce beauty and the observer admiration, that's the most important, to make jaws go down, even when taking simplicity to the work. Designers deal with feelings, the most profitable human resource and esthetic touches our heart with a higher potential. It's great to have the tools to make people laugh, cry, admire, be unquiet...
On what kind of "Postdindustrial Design+ projects have you been working on?
By now, I'm just developing a group that will take care of an eletronic magazine raised to be a window to our views on design.
What should be the main skills of a Postindustrial Designer?
First, empathy - the ability to enter into another feelings and emotions; second, execution - the ability to transform the empathy knowledge into real design. I really consider the ability to express human feelings as a great skill.
e-Mail interview, July 1st, 2005