Jennifer Leonard / 2nd jury prize in the competition
Name Jennifer Leonard
Age 34
City Toronto
Contact mobile: (1) 416-729-0498
Curriculum vitae
please see CV link on my webpage
What are you doing right now?
I'm designing a multidisciplinary sketching project with the Knowledge Media Design Institute at the University of Toronto and hosting a weekly radio show at CIUT 89.5 FM ( called "Dialogue" - about research and scholarship across faculties and departments, at the University of Toronto. It is broadcast/netcast every Tuesday 10-11am ET. I'm also awaiting my US work visa to process, as I will be taking on a six-month residency at IDEO ( in California (from October 2005 to March 2006), where I'll be working with the "Transformation by Design" team, developing communication tools to help spread positive change in the work space - and in the world.
What is your understanding of designing?
My journalism background and activist tendencies mate happily with my broad definition of design: the capacity to change conditions on a global scale (for the better). Design, by this definition, in action = true beauty.
What are criteria, that make a project interesting for you?
I must feel enthusiastic about the project's potential. It will likely be cross-disciplinary and collaborative in nature and involve research, conceptual development, and outreach (interviews or dialogue of some nature). It must be fun to do (even if the work is demanding). And it must respond to a real-world problem.
On what kind of "Postdindustrial Design+ projects have you been working on?
My radio work (both Massive Change Radio and, now, Dialogue); Massive Change: The Future of Global Design; open forum curatorial work at the Art Gallery of Ontario; collaborating with scholars and researchers at the University of Toronto for the sketching project I'm doing now; and as of October, 2005, developing tools for IDEO to help spur change.
What should be the main skills of a Postindustrial Designer?
A willingness to abandon all he or she knows for the possibility of learning something new. Curiosity. Compassion. A sense of humour. A holistic thinker. A keen eye for detail. Respect for self, others and the environment we all share.
e-Mail interview, July 1st, 2005