and the winners are
The jury evaluated 17 works to discuss them in a video conference and thereby select the two most accurate interpretations. We are very proud to publish as follows:
1st jury prize: Adriana Eysler
"... she leads us from inner reflections to outer working conditions and social circumstances."  by Bettina Lehmann
"More important than the graphical aspect is her thought process."  by Stefan Wölwer
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2nd jury prize: Jennifer Leonard
"Both text and image reflect the process of observing, understanding and creating."  by Catherine Walthard
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The user rating took place for one week. We are happy to publish it as follows:
User rating prize: Charlles Pinon
won with 351 votes!
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We are very glad to see, how many people reflected on Postindustrial Design and sent us their own interpretation - we got 83 entries.
Thanks to all of you for participating in this competition and have given us an overview of your thoughts and ideas on Postindustrial Design.