1st jury prize: Adriana Eysler

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this is it. this is what we do. this is why we do it.
Sources of the contribution
James Gleick - Chaos, David Bohm - Wholeness and the Implicate Order , R.B. Fuller, George Perec - Species of Spaces, Maurice Merleau-Ponty - Phenomenology, Scott Lash - Time and Being etc etc etc
Bettina Lehmann
Design as con-text. Adriana Eysler's entry provides us with a designer's mindset: Dealing with substantial questions, she leads us from inner reflections to outer working conditions and social circumstances. Talking about the premises of a designer's work instead of showing the result, she touches topics such as history, visions, professional nomadism, communication and change. Since it is shown in text only-mode, her reflections make us think and create mental images by ourselves: a poetic conception to work on.

Prof. Catherine Walthard
The entry of Adriana Eysler has the quality of a subtle manifesto, it states in compact form a timeline of the professional change that is occurring actually to designers, it expresses a responsible and active society approach, it integrates sustainability and innovation, it leaves a creative space for the individual and for the community, it talks about images without showing them. It relates to the senses. Form and content are very intelligently interwoven, therefore number one.

Stefan Wölwer
Was it a graphic design competition? No. But even so Adriana's work has a certain beauty in its visual outcome. Generated mechanically by a "little machine". More important than the graphical aspect is her thought process. It reflects that openness and willingness to travel without a pre-defined goal. Her text gets people on board.