2nd jury prize: Jennifer Leonard

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I took this picture from inside a Yabu Pushelberg designed restaurant on the 54th floor of Mies van der Rohe's Toronto Dominion Tower. Looking down on the city's stationary structures and patterns of movement, I began to notice the reflection of the wooden lunch counter's hole pattern smiling back at me. I was suddenly looking both out and in towards myself. Then it came to me: "Consider the whole, not only the haves." A Postindustrial designer can no longer afford to design from on high, in isolation. A Postindustrial designer designs collaboratively, holistically, and with the local community in mind.
Sources of the contribution
Original photograph
Bettina Lehmann
The picture is the message: Postindustrial Design seen by double reflection. Jennifer Leonard brings together her personal perception with social topics. Changing angles - or being an individual "working colloboratively, holistically and with the local community in mind" - will be and yet is one of the most relevant tasks of postindustrial design. An authentic conceptual approach - found by chance and awareness.

Prof. Catherine Walthard
The entry of Jennifer Leonard is an excellent demonstration of the awareness of the designer that is continuously working with its senses and mind, catching the moments of the past and the present. Both text and image reflect the process of observing, understanding and creating. In this case the event created the image, and this potential of reaction is the professional underline of designers.

Stefan Wölwer
The location of the spectator is not clear. Inside? Outside? Depending on how you want to see it. Openess is key. The picture has a rather "global" look and feel but Jennifer reminds us of the importance of a design for the local community and hence diversity.